• Posted May 15, 2017

The Point at Silver Spring has been awarded LEED Platinum certification

The Newest Pride of Panco isn’t Blue… but Green.

Director of Acquisitions & Asset Management, Ian Berman, had celebratory words to share with Panco Management internal teams on a very distinct green milestone.

“It is my distinct honor, privilege, and thrill to report that The Point at Silver Spring has been awarded LEED Platinum certification! The threshold for certification was 80 points, and The Point at Silver Spring actually garnered 83 points for good measure! In addition to the environmental, social, and marketing benefits – Montgomery County will be offering property tax credits which will be welcomed with open arms.

The certification of a 1967 high-rise property puts us at the leading edge of a movement. Generally LEED platinum certification is bestowed upon new, sleek, glass and steel high rises that were specifically designed for maximum environmental benefit. The Point at Silver Spring was certainly not designed that way, but because of our team, in the end we will be able to proudly display our LEED platinum plaque just like them!

Special thanks to Alex Nikolov, Mary Alice Haft, Vito Ascosi, Adan Sandoval, Donna Wess, Lana Zylka, and the rest of the Silver Spring team for their efforts during this process which has been going on for the better part of a year. This is a really big deal and you should all be proud.

Also thank you to the consultants at 3R – Carla Mitchell, Jana Lake, and Audra Benzschawel who suffered through weekly meetings with our team and who fielded any and all inquiries with the US Green Building Council. Contracting with your organization was money well spent! “

3R sends its congratulations to Panco Management on achieving LEED Platinum certification for The Point at Silver Spring from USGBC. “According to the USGBC database, this is the very first building to achieve certification under Version 4 of LEED Existing Buildings: Operations + Maintenance in the Multifamily category. We are proud to have been part of the team that turned The Point into a first-of-its-kind, high-performing building that can now stand tall among other greats,” states Carla Mitchell, 3R Engineering Principal. “This accomplishment could not have been realized without the vision, commitment, and dedication of the Panco team,” underscores Jana Lake, 3R Business Case Principal. “Achieving LEED Platinum represents a significant return for Panco Management, its residents, and the community.”

When we spoke to Property Manager, Mary Alice Haft, at The Point at Silver Spring she shared this reaction, “The LEED platinum certification is a perfect example of the Panco culture of valuing our Residents first. We now have over 1200 people that will live in a healthier, cleaner, safer environment while affording them lower utilities. Our company is all about “forward thinking”!”

Although we don’t think this will be the last LEED certification Panco Management obtains, we sure will never forget the first. It isn’t easy being green!

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