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Panco Management Corporation (together with its affiliates) (“PMC”) is Pantzer Properties’ wholly-owned private property management company. PMC currently employs approximately 220 people. Panco Management Corporation is a hands-on operator of real estate assets with the market knowledge, infrastructure, financing resources, in-house asset management, property management and construction management capabilities to implement a variety of strategies which create and unlock hidden value. PMC executes a detailed evaluation process for all investments including extensive onsite property assessment, financial analysis, evaluation of numerous holding term and exit scenarios, structuring financing alternatives, engineering and environmental studies and the assessment of property level value enhancement strategies.

The property management, asset management, capital programs and operations team functions are all within Panco Management Corporation. The asset management and property management platforms reflect the institutional expertise and regional / national reach of Pantzer Properties, Inc. Asset management works in conjunction with the acquisitions team before assets are purchased and during the assets’ holding period to create various business plans and strategies to maximize value. The property management and capital programs teams’ work in tandem with asset management oversight to effectively operate, renovate and reposition the properties and monetize the various investments. Including renovation projects currently underway, the Pantzer Properties, Inc. and Panco Management Corporation have been involved in approximately $75 million of interior and exterior upgrade programs and repositionings in the past few years. PMC’s management team constantly evaluates the assets’ performance, local and broader market activities, financing alternatives and exit strategies to achieve maximum profit potential. Within Panco Management Corporation, the operations group provides a variety of support functions, including overseeing property operations, financial reporting, accounting, insurance evaluation, marketing, human resources / compliance, cash management, information systems and risk management. Almost all of the personnel involved in the asset management, property management, capital programs and operations teams have their compensation tied to the performance of the various assets of the Firm.

Panco Managament Corporation Logo
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